“And that was the beginning of an unlikely but extraordinarily wonderful and life-altering thing.”

That’s Sophie talking about meeting Alex a few years ago – their first baby, Phoebe Charlotte, is twelve weeks old this week (and is intolerably cute although not good at sleeping yet).

Read both Sophie and Alex’s version of when they met, in a field in 2006, in ‘The Stories’ section, link to your left in the menu bar.   <—

Love Stories – the idea

Each of us is the result of our parents’ meeting, 
at some point in the past.

How did your parents meet?

How do you remember meeting your partner?
and how does your partner remember meeting you?

Chance, determinism, arranged marriages, bumping into someone at a bus stop, in hindsight all of these meeting moments are pivotal in our personal histories. It is these beginnings, and the memories of these meetings, which Love Stories explores and celebrates.