Robert Elms invited me to talk about Love Stories today – live on the radio no less!

Thanks to the excellent work of Cynthia and Celia at The Young Masters Prize, and Rachael at Four Colman Getty, today I went to the BBC and did a live interview on the Robert Elms show. What was particularly lovely was that lots of Londoners were emailing and calling into the show with their meeting stories – so nice to hear. So, if you’d like to listen to it, I’m on at about 1:32 here:

If you’ve found this site following the interview, thanks for visiting! I’d love to hear your stories. And if you’d like to know where to see some of the completed pictures, they are being exhibited by the Young Masters Art Prize 2014 where I am a guest artist – at the Lloyds Club near Tower Hill until 4th December, and opening tomorrow until 31st October at Sphinx Fine Art on Kensington Church Street. Drop by!  And to get more information on the prize and the Cynthia Corbett Gallery, go here: and here:


Sandi and Debbie Toksvig

I was so very moved by reading Sandi Toksvig’s column in the Guardian this weekend that I wanted to put a link to it here. I was also completely struck by her recollection of meeting Debbie, which has given me renewed faith in this project:

“It was 14 years ago when, on the doorstep of a stranger’s house, I first shook hands with Debbie. We both have the same recollection of the moment. It was as if the world disappeared. It was as much like being hit by lightning as I can imagine. Choice did not come into it. I fell in love. It is a universal condition over which none of us has control.”

“And that was the beginning of an unlikely but extraordinarily wonderful and life-altering thing.”

That’s Sophie talking about meeting Alex a few years ago – their first baby, Phoebe Charlotte, is twelve weeks old this week (and is intolerably cute although not good at sleeping yet).

Read both Sophie and Alex’s version of when they met, in a field in 2006, in ‘The Stories’ section, link to your left in the menu bar.   <—