Anthony and Joy, 1975

Waterloo Station (Anthony and Joy, 1975)

Anthony and Joy: together 37 years, married 34 years, 2 children


I met Joy in the following circumstances. I had met a friend and former colleague for a drink on the South Bank, at the National Film Theatre, I think it was. We had a couple of glasses of wine, but no food. Thereafter, I made my way the short distance to Waterloo Station. On the concourse, I saw a girl laden with packages. She must have been overburdened, as I offered to carry some for her. It so happened that she was making her way to the same train as was I.  That face was not evident at the time I saw her as, is my recollection, she was fairly central in the large concourse then.

I was traveling to Woking, she to Winchester. Naturally shy, the wine I had had relieved that shyness. We talked. I think I was due to attend a case in Winchester the following week and I suggested we might meet for a coffee. I rather think that the case was postponed, so that meeting did not take place.  Some time later (it might have been some weeks later, I’m not sure), I think Joy phoned me and we arranged to meet in London.


After working in Edinburgh for five years, I was traveling down, via Waterloo, to my parents home, at that time, in Winchester.

I met Anthony when he offered to help me to carry my sewing-machine (it was actually a small portable television set!). Anyway, he carried that for me and we sat together on the train.

He told me that he was working on a case due to appear in Winchester court that week and asked if I would like to meet up for lunch.

The case was actually cancelled and at the time I wasn’t upset as I wasn’t sure that I wanted to meet up!  However, after a series of phone calls, we finally met up in London for a meal. It was all very slow to progress over some weeks.

So not too exciting! Still, we have survived since 1975 somehow!

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