Barbara and Tony, 1996

Married, two children



I first met Tony when he gave me a lift to Camden Palace from Swindon.  I was an avid clubber and use to travel all over the UK to go to certain club nights.   At this time many of us would join up and split into different cars to enjoy the evening.  I ended up in Tony’s car and I was not attracted to him at all!  I thought ‘nice guy’ but it’s true what they say, a hair style can make or break a person!  I am not being horrible and if you could see his passport photo you would understand lol!

I only saw him for that night and three years later I bumped into him again at another club night this time in Milton Keynes.  At the time I was living with someone else (yes I’m not proud) and I had fallen totally out of love with my boyfriend at the time but lacked the drive to leave.

Tony kept chatting to me all night and I found him quite annoying as I was not at all interested and he kept touching me which I found a little over familiar.  Over a few weeks I kept running into him (I believe this was on purpose) and began to hang out with my Swindon friends more.

I ended the relationship with my current boyfriend and decided that I was free to do what I wanted.  Tony has an amazing body and I thought, I have never really had a one night stand and at twenty eight I’m too old to worry about stupid rules and reputations.  The rebellious one night stand ended with me leaving the next day and stating I would see him around!  I treated him like a play thing for the following two months (I should feel bad but really I don’t) and then somehow I ended up in a relationship with him?  I’m not too sure how this happened but it seems to have worked lol!

It hasn’t been without its ups and downs and at times I am amazed he is not under my patio!  But I think we were meant to be together and I wouldn’t change that!


It was back in 1996 and it was around the October time. My friends and I were into the clubbing scene quite a bit and used to get out about as much as we could on the weekends. We all had pretty decent jobs so could afford a decent social life. The 90’s were all about socialising and the club scene. One of my friends suggested a night out in Camden at a club called Camden palace. They used to throw some of the biggest and best nights around. My friend also lived with a guy who was pretty good friends with a girl from Amesbury. Through chats over a few pints we decided to go to this night in Camden palace called ‘A Clockwork Orange’. Word spread and it turned out there was about 15 of us that wanted to go. My friend bought the tickets and we all met up around my friend’s house. There were a couple of girls there from Amesbury one called Brenda and the other Barbara.

My friend had told me that Barbara was pretty attractive but the guy he shared a house with (Richard) had the hots for her. Richard had been a long term friend of hers and was disguising the fact he liked her by being her ‘mate’, although we all knew different. Barbara was actually living with a guy in Bullford but he wasn’t much of a socialite, so didn’t come out much at all. Barbara was a pretty, loud and funny girl a mixed with her looks made her an attractive woman. Unfortunately for Richard he had broken his front teeth by falling over and couldn’t come. I had a couple of spare seats in my car so gave Barbara and Brenda a lift. As soon as I saw her I thought ‘wow she’s gorgeous’. She pretty much ticked all my boxes. The journey to London was pretty good and we had a laugh. As soon as we got into the club it was very very hot. Barbara’s friend Brenda wanted to leave almost straight away, so I walked her back to my car where she stayed. I got back into the club but didn’t have a great night due to the heat in there. I got chatting to Barbara and we decided to leave a little earlier than the rest.

We got on well and chatted in the car before the rest arrived. We ended up going back to Swindon but as soon as we got there Barbara went to bed. We had talked about meeting up again and I suggested that me and my friends come down to her local one night.

Over the period of time that then passed I tried to get hold of her number and tried to find out where she went out. This was pretty difficult if not impossible. It seemed that the only person that had that sort of detail was Richard. Richard wasn’t really a friend of mine so getting the information became deliberately difficult due (I am guessing) to his feelings for her.

It’s funny because my friend Steve who used to live with Richard knew I liked Barbara and even he couldn’t get her number. Basically I gave up but never really stopped thinking about her. I even had several dreams about her.

It was now 1999 and my Friend Steve organised a big night out, organised a coach and the tickets for a night called ‘The Valentines ball’ which was being held in Milton Keynes in the Winter Gardens there. It was billed to be a brilliant night. All the top named DJ’s were playing. I got tickets and Steve said to me ‘guess who’s coming on the night’?……..Barbara’. He knew I had been trying to track her down for years.

When the Valentines night came we all met up around one of the pubs in town and everyone was there. When I saw her I didn’t know what to say. She looked amazing and I was totally knocked over. I basically just said hello but she was with Richard and Richards’s new girlfriend so didn’t really know what to say. When we all got on the coach some other guy managed to sit next to her so I sat some seats further back. Once we got to Milton Keynes I managed to work my way through the queue on the bus so I was behind her. Once we got off the coach I managed to chat to her in the queue. We ended up in the bar with some of our friends where we chatted for a while. Once I had gone to the bar some other guy tried to talk to her but ended up knocking a load of drinks over and making himself look like a bit of a prat. Basically the night went really well and we spent the whole night together dancing and messing about. We got on really well. We ended up sitting next to each other on the way back and chatted some more until she fell asleep on me. Once back at Swindon Richard, his new girlfriend, myself and Barbara ended up going back to Richards where we all spent a couple of hours chatting. We exchanged numbers and organised to meet up again soon.

The following week I sent her a letter enrolling her in the MR Ben fan club as we had laughed and joked about it. We had a couple of phone chats and I invited her down the following weekend which she agreed to.

That weekend a small group of us went out and got very drunk basically just going in and out of the pubs at the bottom of town. That night we had our first kiss or kisses. There were plenty of them.

After that night I spoke to her a couple of times on the phone and invited her down again for a meal. She backed off and gave me the ‘I just want to be friends chat’. I was pretty upset but didn’t show it over the phone. I thought ‘typical. I find someone I really like and she just wants to be friends now’. I was aware though that she was still living with another guy although this had been on shaky ground for ages.

She decided to come down the following weekend anyway and we went out, had something to eat and ended up going to a local night club. She had arranged to stay at Richards again. That night we ended up spending more time in affectionate embraces. It looked like the ‘friend’s thing’ had gone away, thankfully.

Basically from this point on we ended up spending more and more time together and within a couple of months she had moved I with me (I was sharing a house with some friends and lived in the loft conversion). We ended up staying there for nearly a year while we sorted out finances so that we could get a house together. We finally moved into our own house in January 2000 and 2 weeks after moving in she fell pregnant. We married that year on the 24th of June which was a very simple affair as we had little money and had both been married before so better thought.

We have moved since then. We had a further child and have now been married for over 11 years so all’s well that ends well I guess 😉

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