Charlie and Sally, 1984

Charlie and Sally: married, one daughter


Both invited to a Pretenders concert. Did not really appreciate the company at the time, but two subsequent meetings, at a dinner when we barely spoke and I was ‘loud’ and a party where we really met up properly. That was when I was smitten. She wore a black lace dress and is very beautiful and intelligent now as then.


I first met Chas on my thirty-first birthday. My best friend Rosie was going out with his brother, and arranged a surprise treat for me as a birthday present – tickets for a  Pretenders concert at the Hammersmith Odeon. We all like the Pretenders’ music – especially Chrissie Hynde’s vocals. Rosie knew I was not interested in meeting men at the time as I had recently had a disastrous experience with my last love affair. So she said she was just ‘making up the numbers’ by inviting Chas along.  I was doing an MA and concentrating on my studies.  I was surprised – and delighted – when Chas arrived and was really interested in my subject – cross-cultural studies, most people looking blank when I told them what I was studying. We were on the same wavelength and got in to a deep philosophical discussion very quickly. He was also very handsome and dark with a beard – I love beards! Within weeks we were living together and nine months later we got married.

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