Chris and Kelly, 2003

Chris and Kelly, married, three children


I was often in the office of a chef/client I shoot regularly where I knew most of the staff.  I think it was quite cold as I had a Navy pea coat on, I still wear it and it reminds me of when we first met!  I was slightly thrown when I came in as there had been a re-shuffle of chairs/desks and there was a new girl sitting next to a great friend of mine who was my usual first port of call.  I remember asking someone else as casually as I could who she was, they didn’t know so I went and knelt in front of her desk, (only to be at eye level, not begging!) and said “Hello, I’m Chris, who are you?”

Then pretty much every opportunity I got I would drop the film in myself and find any other reason to call in! Anyway, she married me.  Her name’s Kelly Cooper, cool name until she had to add mine to it!!

I remember the day vividly.  I had just started working at Jamie Oliver’s offices in Old Street and was sat at my desk when CT walked in.
He was confident, funny, good looking and had a great presence about him.
He was wearing a navy blue pea coat which really suited him.
After talking to a few people he already knew in the office he came over to my desk, knelt down so that we were on eye level and introduced himself… I was struck by his gorgeous blue eyes ..
.. For the first time in a long time I went a bit weak at the knees!
He made me laugh, made me coffee and the rest is history.

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