David and Jenny, 1981

Married, three children


We first met when David moved to the office where I worked. Those who knew him said to me ‘don’t worry he is not your type’….how wrong they were. He was very ambitious and had high standards

The office had a great social side so we got to know each other quickly. David is a bit of a romantic and he used to leave chocolate bars (and silver thimbles) in my work drawer.

Our first real date was when David suggested I go to watch Arsenal with him….we both love football. I met him in London and he met me with a red rose.

When we went out for our first meal I did not like the food I had ordered so David swapped with me….its been like that so many times since and he never grumbles!

I felt how lucky I was to have a boy friend so handsome.

We were very discrete in the office but I could not wait to hold hands when we finished for the day.

At work one day when we worked in different offices across the square David organised for a member of his staff to carry a cake across the road to me high on a silver salver on friday afternoon…this created quite a stir!

He created a great career and involved me as a true partner throughout and made me proud.

He often comes up with some romantic gestures and here’s a few:

.Sending me flowers on the morning of our wedding with a message….looking forward to marrying you
.Making me heart shaped toast
.Giving me diamond ear rings in the labour ward when our first son was born
.Meeting me at the feet of the Spanish steps in Rome on a wedding anniversary with a rose and a tiffany bag
and just being there through thick and thin with a smile

When I first met Jenny she came across as simply a wonderful, clever and beautiful girl and way beyond the reach of someone like me!

We went along one evening as part of a group to see the Daily Telegraph being printed in Fleet st. That was when I knew Jenny was for me….magic!

After plucking up the courage I asked her to come to watch Arsenal play…..I shall never forget the first time we held hands……It was electric and I still find it a wonder to hold Jennies hand to this very day.

Shortly after we arranged to play tennis and I turned up without shoes! Not wishing to back off (we are both competitive) I played in just socks on a hard court and tore my feet to shreds! I also fell off a log and into a lake when showing off to Jenny my balancing skills!

Jenny has tried to smarten me up with a small degree of success but one thing I do wear thanks to her is a nice tie (for which I was known in business)  and I have a great selection of Hermes ties which have
been lovely gifts at special times.

Whenever I was away on business I always found a lovely note from Jenny tucked in my luggage. On one occasion I had to go to Paris for a month and Jenny brought our 3 young children across one weekend….it happened to be mid Feb and it was lovely to sail down the river on valentines day.

Jenny was always by my side in business and I could not have been prouder of her as a partner at hundreds of important events.

Jenny has created a special bond with our 3 children which is simply incredible…..we laugh that I am way down the pecking order after John, Will, George, David Beckham, John Denver, Chocolate, Shoes, Handbags, and many more but without question our love runs as deep as the ocean and we are just embarking on the next adventure post raising our children….its going to be fun.

One thought on “David and Jenny, 1981

  1. Oh the good old days. We had such good times at NWB so so pleased for you both what a wonderful example to our young today
    Lots of love to you both
    Julie xxxxx

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