Deborah and Nick

Deborah and Nick, married, one child


We were set up by an old friend of mine who had been trying to get us  together for ages. I had done some internet dating in the past and so  i was quite used to the workings of a blind date, so much so I think  that Deb thought me a bit over confident.

We met and had a coffee before the film we had planned to see and we  chatted away easily, I had just been to Texas and I remember we  discussed that. During the film we made a couple of whispered comments  to each other and I instantly realised we shared the same cynical  sense of humour which meant a lot.

I remember she seemed a little wary as but I fancied her straight away, especially when she was being funny. After the statutory Wagamama at the end of the night we walked to the tube and she pulled on  this big woolly hat and I just felt hooked.


I met my husband in the foyer of Odeon Shaftesbury Ave. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon in April. The film showing was “The Squid and the Whale”. We were set up on a blind date, and I remember clearly wandering into the lobby looking around wondering who he was (all I knew was he was blond and 6 ft 5), then spotting him sitting having a coffee in their little bar. He was sitting down but I could tell was very tall. He looked up, eyes met, then, well, the rest is history..

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