James and Sian, 2011

James and Sian


I met my wonderful boyfriend James by a strange lamppost. He was looking at it with his friend when me, my sister and a friend walked over to them and got chatting. As we walked to a taxi firm we played thumbs of war and after I kept winning we hugged goodbye and I went home. I didn’t keep in much contact with him for a week or so and then found him again ( this time not by a lamppost) but in a club and things just bloomed from there really. Totally coincidence I ran into him again but I’m so happy I did.


I met Sian when I was was out drinking and I went to the met lounge with a few mates. it was a bit of a weird night where you meet everyone you don’t like. me and my friend Ben decided to leave as we decided the night was done. feeling slightly down and drunk we walked home. ben said we should stand and try to talk with some girls that were walking behind us, right where we stopped I noticed the lamppost was on it’s side and looked a bit funny. Sian and her sister came over and Ben started talking to Sophie,I’m sure they thought we were weird when we told them about the lamppost. I am usually a bit shy but as we walked I started talking to Sian and I challenged her to thumb wars! we exchanged Facebook and a hug. I contacted her through face book but Sian didn’t seem very interested but I didn’t give up. the next saturday I was at charters with friends and I was encouraging some of them to go to the met hoping I would see Sian again only me and one other went in and I was really alone, when I got on to the dance floor Sian appeared suddenly and asked if I was ok. we danced, drank and had a kiss, we left when they closed and I encouraged her to stay at my house, we went bed together, in the morning fully clothed Sian was horrified to find me in only my boxers but I assured her nothing had happened, I don’t think she knew where she was. we lay in bed and started talking about the books and records I have in my room I really started to like Sian more and more. Sian urged me to take her home at 6:00 in the morning, I had an awful hangover but I didn’t complain. Sian didn’t believe it was my car when we got in as I had joked it was my grandads! we had a bit of a laugh  as I dropped her off. I went home feeling good all day and slept most sunday.

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