Lucy and Paul, 2002

Lucy and Paul, married, two children


I was having brunch with a group of people at a bar in Toronto (now shut down).  Anyone who works in the bar scene in Toronto seems to know everyone.  Paul walked past and saw the people I was with, who he knew, and joined us.  He sat almost opposite me I think.  I don’t remember much of it now but I do remember that Paul basically needed a beer because he’d just had brunch with his mother (I should have know then right?).  He then regaled us with stories of her bad parking and basically driving him mad.  He made me laugh.  He was……. unCanadian.  I left the brunch early because I had a date with a guy I had met on the subway (who turned out to be a complete idiot).  I didn’t think about Paul at all.  A few days later I walked in to this bar The Bovine Sex Club and through the crowd was Paul with a big grin on his face, I smiled back and that, as they say, was it.

I had just finished having lunch with my mother which sadly to say was generally a painful experience. After having a brief explanation that I drive too fast, park in too public a space and the usual condemnation all things downtown and having to see the people that frequent its dark depths, I had found myself in dire need of peace, quite and a stiff drink.

It so happened that as I walking along on this quest  I came across some friends who were on a sunny patio, having a beer. I was invited to join them and was introduced to Lucy. I have always said that it was Lucy’s smile that first caught my eye, and still does in fact to this day. But it is her wit a frankness that is her endearing charm. I have lived a rather harsh life and felt myself to be in a place that was not for me, one enveloped in face value, a rampant inability to be frank and an abundance of insincerity. I was bored. Lucy was a breath of fresh air. After being asked what I had been doing by my friends I described the above and was met with feigned shock, apologies and regrets. Lucy simply laughed at the scenario I had painted. There was no apology or attempt to conceal but merely her getting the point. We ended up chatting away about where we worked, why she was in Toronto. In short everything and nothing after which she excused herself explaining she was off on a date (a blind date) laughing at the oddness of this ending of our conversation. There was no doubt that she had made an impression on me. Here was a bright and attractive woman with a wickedly sharp sense of humour but she was leaving. I left it at that. A short time after I was at work managing a bar and in walks Lucy. She saw me and smiled. It beamed. It was honest. It was infectious and mischievous. I was in love. Call it circumstance, blame chance but I have never fallen in love at first (well second) sight. I was happy before she entered but would be happier from that point on. I have been with Lucy ever since.

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