Nick and Victoria, 1993

1993, married, five children


It goes back to St Andrews days needless to say. We became another of the University statistics in that we met, married and frequently return to St Andrews.
If my memory is correct, which is a big if because I met Vic for the first time in the Student Union, a few beers had been drunk I will admit and inhibitions were in limited supply. I think it was a Thursday night as I have hazy recollections of it being “promotion night” (remember  those wonderfully cheap weekly binge drinking times? All done away with now as it is apparently unhealthy). If not probably a Friday night.
I was sitting with the usual crowd of lads and lassies, although again, I would be very hard pressed to recall a single name. This girl comes along with some random individuals. The individuals who introduce her just fade away. I was totally enraptured by a very tall girl with long blonde hair all the way down her back. She was wearing a gorgeous smile and had a twinkle in her eye. “Hello, hello. What’s this then?” I asked myself. Very curvaceous in tight jeans, Chelsea boots, white turtleneck and a navy sweatshirt with an American university logo plastered across the front in red lettering.
After a few minutes of what I hoped was witty banter she lit up her Marlboro Light and looked around. With a flourish she crossed her arms over her chest, and in an instant had the navy sweatshirt off. Now revealed in all her curvy wonderfulness I thought to myself, or possibly out loud, ” I have got to get me a bit of that!”
So to be blunt her blonde hair, beautiful smile and ample bosom were the things that sparked off a few weeks of the proverbial chase, a few coincidental meetings in the Library and one very lovely steak dinner which led to all sorts of mischief, but that is another story.
I should point out that while this was going on, I was feeling pretty bad about being a naughty lad as I was still “seeing ” Laura. Vic was feeling bad, as she was fooling around with me while she knew Laura was fooling around with someone else, unbeknownst to me. She was not sure if she should tell me about Laura or Laura about me….Talk about a comedy of a love triangle.
There you have it. Pure lust and sexual attraction led to the last nearly twenty years. I leave you with this which is tattooed on the inner side of my left upper arm. It is shaped as a Moebius strip, no beginning or end, just constant and infinite. ” Victoria, My love, my life. My best friend and lover. Mother to my children. To be loved and cherished always.”


This is MY version of events…  Not the moment we first met, but the moment the relationship tipped from platonic to romantic:

January, 1993: After weeks of chatting in the library, the street, the post office… was in the union with friends one night, and was joined by Nick (possibly with others, possibly by arrangement – can’t remember!) and was wearing a sweatshirt over a tight white top.  Removed said sweatshirt in (what I hoped was) a subtle but provocative fashion in front of Nick, feigning nonchalance, natch…  But since I got to take him home with me that night, it obviously worked.  Almost 20 years later, and after 12 years of marriage and five kids, it’s probably the best move I ever made.

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