Nicky and Magnus, 2000

Nicky and Magnus, married, two children


Magnus and I met just after the turn of the millenium on Feb 4th 2000. It was at a party in Chalk Farm, that started in a pub called Monkey Chews and then progressed to a house party round the corner. The party in the pub was one where everyone was supposed to bring three records to play and I was as usual hovering around the decks trying to get my records played because I always think my music choices are better than anyone elses!  Magnus says he spotted me bossing the previous DJ about at this stage but i don’t remember seeing him. I was with some friends and we left the party to drive to Hoxton and see a friend do a performance, i was driving my mum’s car so wasn’t drinking and by the time i returned to the house party in Chalk Farm, everybody was steaming drunk.  I went upstairs to where the dancing was and they were playing Tina Turner and i just remember this young guy dancing around me in a funny style (now i realise that is his trademark dance move). He kept looking at me and as I was stone cold sober I felt quite confident, so I suggested we went downstairs to talk, knowing in a way that he fancied me. i think i then wooed him with talk about farts or some such lovely chat as is typical of me. When it was time to leave, I searched for him to say goodbye but i couldn’t find him so I left with friends and walked down the street. As I looked back i saw his face poking out the door looking for me and i smiled but we didn’t pass on phone numbers or kiss or anything.  About a week later, I was at a birthday dinner and I asked the boyfriend of the Chalk Farm party host if he knew Magnus and just as he was about to answer, his phone rang with a message from his girlfriend, saying Magnus was trying to track me down and would I be happy for her to pass on my number. A right little detective. I obviously found that pretty attractive, so we played a bit of phone tennis and finally arranged a date in Mornington Crescent. I was feeling pretty confident as it sounded like he was into me, but then he made me wait for 15 minutes outside the tube station which it turns out was actually where he lived…cheeky bugger.  I had no idea whether I’d fancy him, but as I followed him up the stairs to his house, he had these sexy Levi’s jeans on with a buckle at the back and I looked at his bum going up the stairs and thought…yes please.  We then had a great evening of boozing and talking and sharing his single bed which just felt perfect, no games, no power, everything was equal from the start…and I think i knew then that we would be together.  He really is lovely.


It was at a party, maybe someone’s 25th, above a pub in Chalk Farm. I remember very distinctly how she walked up to the DJ and talked to him about records in a very authoritative way. She wore a brown knee-length cotton dress and her hair had wisps of blond in it, remnants of an experiment with dye.

After the pub the party moved across the road, to someone’s parents’ house. I remember her dancing with her friends and me trying to sidle up to her, but in a detached I’m-really-not-that-bothered kind of way.

We sat in the kitchen and chatted. She made me laugh. And then, as suddenly as she’d appeared, she was gone. I remember running out of the door and watching her walk down the street with her friends, away from me.

She could have walked out of my life but the next day I made some calls and got her number. I waited for a bit then I asked her out.

Years later someone who was at the party told me that I’d told them that I’d just met the girl I was going to marry. I can’t remember ever having said this, but it was true, wasn’t it?

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