Philip and Valerie, 1977

Philip and Valerie – married, two children


Valerie and I met in Social Sciences Library at Yale University.  I think that it was early November.   I was in my first year of graduate school working on a paper for Economic History.  Valerie was an undergraduate in her second year.    We were both working at study carrels.  Our two carrels were opposite in the sense that when we were sitting, our backs were to each other but there was only a couple of feet between the backs of the chairs.   At that time, one could smoke in the library and both of us smoked cigarettes.   At some point, one of us asked the other for a light.  But after that we went back to work.   Valerie yawned a couple of times reasonably loudly.  I turned a little toward her and said ‘If you keep yawning like that, you will put us both to sleep’.  She laughed and that is how we met.


We met in the Social Science library at Yale University, one evening as we were both studying.  In those days there were smoking sections and we were there as we were both smokers.  The library was a veritable pit and one did not study there unless necessary.  We had carrels (old fashioned desk things which fit back to back and had privacy dividers – you will have to look them up as I suspect they no longer exist) which were back to back and Philip said to me.. if you keep yawning like that you will put us both to sleep.  We dated/ went out for the next six months (and I thought through the summer) broke up officially in the autumn of 1979 and then fell back in love in the spring of 1980 even though we were both in other relationships.  We stayed friends through the time that we were not dating and Philip used to sometimes help me with my economics while he would borrow my car.  It was a funny time.


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