Rebekka and Luke, 2008

Rebekka and Luke


The moment I met my partner…. We were both at uni, he in his last year, myself on the first year. He was finishing his silversmith studies, and I was beginning my photography studies. It was a house party, thrown by this Finnish guy who was (and still most probably is) an awesome party thrower. I had never seen Luke before, but I literally just came in the house, went to the kitchen to get something to drink, and he was on the other end of the kitchen, leaning to the sink and looking as he just belonged there. I had never felt the feeling before but I stopped and hectically looked for my friends near by to ask if they knew who he was. They didn’t know and I just stood there and looked at him and everything went silent for a moment. I thought that only happened in the movies, but it literally was as if someone muted the music but everyone was still moving to it. I just knew that it was him. I got that certain, yet panicking nervous feeling, wondering if I was just falling way too quickly (hadn’t even talked to the guy yet!) and if I was wrong. But deep down I knew I was right.

The evening went on and there was a small disco in the basement, were people danced and I tried to make eye contact to him. I “accidentally” bumped into him when he was dancing with another girl, got the eye contact and left the room. I swore to myself that if he wouldn’t follow, then it was meant to be. I went outside to the garden, laid down on the grass and started counting and hoping. I got to 30 with my counting (I’m still not sure how far I was going to count) and then he came and sat down next to me. He asked me what I was doing and I said I was looking at the stars. “Star. You mean a star” he replied. “No, not really. I was actually just waiting to see if you’d follow me”, I said.

The night continued and when people where getting home by taxis, we walked. On the way home (we lived close by then, I took it as a sign, too) there is this massive steep hill. It was beginning of April and there was no frost or snow just wet, muddy grass. So we sat on the hill for a moment and I started to roll down (you know, lie on your side and just let the gravity do the rest) and he followed. We walked home, both muddy, and we kissed on my front step. I made sure that that kiss would stay with him a while.

And I guess it did, since were still together 3 ½ years later, living in shoe box in Northwest London.  I left my home country behind, I have regretted it at certain times, but all love and relationships need fighting for.

P.S. If he sits on his computer watching a series or something and farts, he actually turns around to check if I’ve noticed it. And he tried to feel me up when we first met. Classy lad!


First time I saw Rebekka was at our friends birthday party at his house, we where dancing in the cellar and she caught my eye, we then walked upstairs and went out into the garden to star at the stars (as she said) only problem was it was overcast freezing night and no stars where in the sky at that moment of time. Later that night we walked home and ended up rolling down a muddy hill after much argument from me because I was wearing my new overcoat! Which consequently got covered in mud.

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