Sharon and Ryan, 2001



How we met?
It’s like Romeo and Juliet or something, I was in a nightclub drinking cheap vodka and shit energy drinks; doing my indie dance-walk around the venue when someone stopped me and said speak to my mate. We spoke for a short time outside the toilets. I left because she had a boyfriend.


We met at an indie/ student night in a Newcastle nightclub (Foundation – formerly the famous Riverside music venue). I was with my friends and (apparently) pointed him out as he was coming out of the toilets. Minutes later my friend appeared with him in tow. Not judging my beer glasses I asked each of my friends if he was goodlooking. They all agreed that he was but I didn’t trust them and, taking the advice of a friend’s mother, dragged him into the light for a better look.

As I realised that I still couldn’t decide, as I had drank quite a bit, I decided against taking it any further. Luckily we bumped into each a couple of weeks later in the same club and, also luckily, I hadn’t made too much of a bad first impression. We celebrate our 11 years together in January 2012.

Hardly Romeo and Juliet, but…

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