Veronica and Paul, 1961

married, two children, three grandchildren


We met on October 11th 1961 at a nurses hop (dance)  I almost didn’t go to the hop because earlier in the evening I heard that my mother was ill and had been taken to hospital.  My roommate persuaded me to come and join her because there was nothing that I could do in regard to my mother without official permission to leave the hospital where I was training to be a nurse.

I saw Paul arrive and he was standing in the doorway of the dance hall together with a friend.  I saw his friend first and thought he looked nice but he asked my roommate to dance.  Paul who was tall, slim and very nice  looking, came over to ask me to dance.  .  He was rather quiet and a little shy.  We stayed together for the whole evening and by the end I was completely smitten.  He wanted to see me again but I had to tell him that I would be asking for compassionate leave.   In the event I did see him the following evening prior to travelling back to my family.   I have always been eternally grateful to my roommate, who was and still is one of my closest friends for her involvement in this meeting.

I remember telling my roommate that same evening that I had just met the man I was going to marry.


I was at Birmingham University in the late ’50s and my friend Barney and I decided to go to the Nurse’s Hop at the Children’s hospital in Edgbaston, Birmingham.  It was a well known locale for picking up a date, as they say.  We went in to the hospital and then the dance room (I forget how big it was!), and almost immediately we both noticed two very attractive girls standing opposite the entrance, one taller than the other.  Barney went immediately for the taller leaving me the shorter of the two.  I was immediately captivated by this small, neat and very attractive (beautiful, really) young girl, who was wearing a brownish (?) dress.  I guess I was captivated by the perfection and balance of her small features and we danced together all evening.  The rest is history.

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